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Nathan Road

Nathan road is the place for shopping electronics. iPads, iPhones, cameras, objectives. You find it all here for good prices. A warning! Watch out when the sales people suddenly recommend something you didn’t think of buying and the price tag says e.g. 8500 HK$. Before you know it, the salesman can offer it to you for 6500 HK$ only today. Efter a few minutes the price is at 5000 HK$ and you might think you are getting something for a bargain. Think again, it is easy to get carried away.

Nathan Road is also the place for plenty of jewelry stores. You will find a variety of gold and silver jewelry and diamonds. I have no experience in dealing with the sales people so I would recommending talking to someone you know who have made a purchase and was happy and content with the product.


At the end of Nathan Road you reach the harbour where there are several ferries passing by, lit up by plenty of colorfull lightbulbs. See the photo below.

Photo of Hong Kong Ferry by Night

Hong Kong Ferry by Night


Nathan Road Harbor laser show

Hong Kong Laser Show Photo

Hong Kong Laser Show Photo