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Condom on a Stick Thailand

When I think about sex education I think about a comprehensive sex education program that doesn’t just talk about condoms but the pill, diseases etc etc. Can someone please tell me WTF this video is for and are they serious? […]

Ao Nang Thailand

Photo of the Sunset at Ao Nang beach

Information about Ao Nang Thailand

Ao Nang is a beautiful place in Thailand. It’s a calmer place than the party islands like Phi Phi Islands, Koh Samui and Ko Pangang. If you are looking for nightlife, there is a square near the beach with bars and nightclubs, many with live show music entertainment. At the square there is a two floor building with bars on the roof. At the roof balcony you have a nice view over the sea.

Ao Nang – Perfect place to enjoy massage

Along the beach walk there are several massage places. The staff is very friendly and greet you with a smile. You will be able to choose from foot massage, back massage full body massage, Aloe Vera massage, coconut oil massage with more. The price is 300 Baht for one hour of massage. If you need a break from the intense sun, then visit them in the early afternoon when they have “Happy Hour”. You will get one hour of massage for half price, 150 Baht.

Photo of the Sunset at Ao Nang beach

Sunset at Ao Nang beach

Food and eating out in Ao Nang

During out stay in Au Nang we ate street food near our hotel. A nice lady cooked hot curries with lots of spices. We needed to drink lots of Chan or Singha beer to put out the burning fires in our mouths. The food was great and we paid 50 baht for the meal. Never ever did we get sick, even though out butts would burn after going to the loo.
If you like Sushi there is a nice restaurant about 1 km from the main crossing at the beach. If you face the sea and have the nightclub and bar square behind you then keep walking right. You will find it on the right side after a few minutes. Eating sushi is far more expensive than eating local food. But the Sushi was good and you don’t see it that often so we took the opportunity.

Wifi and internet in Ao Nang

One great thing with Thailand is the access to free wifi more or less wherever you are. At the restaurants at the beach you will be able to access free wifi and do your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email errands.

Hong Kong

Nathan Road

Nathan road is the place for shopping electronics. iPads, iPhones, cameras, objectives. You find it all here for good prices. A warning! Watch out when the sales people suddenly recommend something you didn’t think of buying and the price tag says e.g. 8500 HK$. Before you know it, the salesman can offer it to you for 6500 HK$ only today. Efter a few minutes the price is at 5000 HK$ and you might think you are getting something for a bargain. Think again, it is easy to get carried away.

Nathan Road is also the place for plenty of jewelry stores. You will find a variety of gold and silver jewelry and diamonds. I have no experience in dealing with the sales people so I would recommending talking to someone you know who have made a purchase and was happy and content with the product.


At the end of Nathan Road you reach the harbour where there are several ferries passing by, lit up by plenty of colorfull lightbulbs. See the photo below.

Photo of Hong Kong Ferry by Night

Hong Kong Ferry by Night


Nathan Road Harbor laser show

Hong Kong Laser Show Photo

Hong Kong Laser Show Photo


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