Chania Crete

Image of the beach in Chania on the Island of Crete.

Information about Chania Crete.

You have several nice locations along the cost of Chania Crete. Chania town is a very nice and cozy place to visit and explore. Narrow stre

ets and many nice restaurants in the harbor.

Along the coast when you leave Chania town you will find the touristic part called Platanias. Platanias is filled with restaurants, bars and night clubs. Many scandinavian tourists come here in the summer. A bit further away from Chania you will find the small calm place called Valeme. If you want a calm vacation and just lie in the sun and swim in the ocean I can highly recommend Valeme. There are not that much tourists as in Platanias and you feel very welcome and appreciated.

Diving in Chania Crete

It might come as a surprise but the sea outside Chania offers quite some nice diving. The staff came and picked me up as I was living a few miles from the dive shop. I got to go diving with a mixed group of Swedes, Danes and Germans. I went diving with the dive shop:

Read more about Chania here:

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